Pro Wrestling World Cup: English Qualifier Results



  • Qualifying Match



Will Osprey Vs Martin Kirby


Will Osprey Wins Via Oz Cutter

  1. Qualifying Match


Nick Aldis Vs Rampage Brown


Rampage Brown Wins Via Rollup

  1. Tag Team Match ( James R. Kennedy On Commentary)


Matt Riddle & Liam Slater Vs Prospect


Matt Riddle & Liam Slater Win

  1. Qualifying Match


Marty Scrull Vs Zack Sabre Jr.


Zack Sabre Jr. Wins Via Rollup

  1. Qualifying Match


Zack Gibson Vs Jimmy Havoc


Jimmy Havoc Wins Via Rainmaker Clothesline

  1. Adam Blampied makes his way to the ring. He says this is a historic night as it is the beginning of a historic tournament. He says Gabriel Kidd has come oh so close to prove he is a star but he has proved he is one of the hottest up and coming talents in the UK. He was inches away from beating Joe Hendry and he says that will not do for his company. He says at No Regrets on april 29th Cody Rhodes will defend his Internet title against Joe Hendry and Gabriel Kidd.  But he says what about a contest tonight and Kidd will join the Bullet Club for one night only against The Prestige since Cody Rhodes could not make it as he is filming Arrow. But he says tonight we will have a bonus match and that will be El Ligero Vs Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Title.

  1. ROH World Title Match


Christopher Daniels Vs El Ligero


Christopher Daniels Wins Via Best Moonsault Ever & Retains ROH World Title

  1. Singles Match


Ricochet Vs Drew Galloway


Drew Galloway Wins Via 3 Future Shock DDT’s

  1.  Backstage we find Prince Ameen  knocked out under trash.

  1. Qualifying Match


Will Osprey Vs Rampage Brown


Will Osprey Wins Via Oz Cutter

  1. Qualifying Match


Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Jimmy Havoc


Zack Sabre. Jr Wins Via Modified Armbar and Twisting Leg Bar

Zack Sabre Jr. & Will Osprey will represent the English in the Pro Wrestling Cup..

  1.  8 Man Tag Team Match


The Prestige ( Joe Hendry, Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, & BT Gunn) Vs Bullet Club ( Adam Cole, Young Bucks, & Gabriel Kidd )


The Presitge Win with Kidd taking the pin.


WCPW Bulletproof Recap



  • Four Way Texas Tornado  Tag Team Match For WCPW Tag Team Titles



Swords Of Essex Vs Prospect Vs Liam Slater & Matt Riddle Vs Young Bucks


Swords Of Essex Win & Retain WCPW Tag Team Titles


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1.  Singles Match


Drake With James R Kennedy Vs Rampage Brown


Rampage Brown Wins Via Piledriver in under 3 minutes


Rate: 2 Stars


  1. Singles Match


Viper With Bea Presitley Vs Lana Austin


Viper Wins Via Michinoku Driver


Rate: 1.5 Stars


Post Match: Adam Blampied comes out..  He says he loves this place with every bit of his heart but it is time for business and he thinks the fans want to see a womens title match and  says she will face Tessa Blanchard…


  1. WCPW Womens Title Match


Bea Presitley With Viper Vs Tessa Blanchard


Bea Presitley Wins Via Kimura Lock & Retains WCPW Womens Title


Rate: 2.5 Stars


  1. 7 Way Elimination Match ( Winner Gets a future WCPW Title Shot)


Travis Banks Vs BT Gunn vs El Ligero Vs Ricochet Vs Marty Scurll vs Doug Williams Vs Martin Kirby


Elimination Order:


  • Doug Williams Eliminated By BT Gunn & Travis Banks Via Double Kick
  • El Ligero Eliminated By BT Gunn Via Brainbuster
  • Marty Scrull Eliminated By Martin Kirby Via Rollup
  • BT Gunn Eliminated By Ricochet Via Lifting STO
  • Ricochet Eliminated By Travis Banks Via Rollup
  • Travis Banks Eliminated By Martin Kirby Via Sabre Bomb



Martin Kirby is the winner….


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1. Singles Match ( Number 1 contenders match for WCPW Internet Title)


Joe Hendry Vs Gabriel Kidd With Prince Ameen


Joe Hendry Wins Via Rollup


Rate: 3 stars


  1.  Triple Threat Match For ROH World Title


Christopher Daniels Vs Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Adam Cole


Christopher Daniels Wins Via Angel Wings On Zack Sabre Jr. Onto Adam Cole & Retains ROH World Title


Rate: 4 Stars


  1. WCPW World Title Match


Drew Galloway Vs Joe Coffey


Drew Galloway Wins Via Future Shock DDT & Retains WCPW World Title


Rate: 3.5 Stars


Post Match: The Presitge ambush Galloway and out comes Rampage Brown  to aid Galloway But the numbers are too much for Brown but now out comes the Bullet Club and give us a superkick party to aid Galloway.


Ups Of The Show



  • A great Opener that was a spotfest that really pumped the crowd and got them ready for the rest of the show.
  • A Suprise triple threat ROH World title match that ended up being the best match of the night
  • A solid Main event



Downs Of The Show



  • The ending just didnt sit well with me.
  • The women matches werent well done
  • The lights went off 3 times during the whole show
  • Odd interview segments