Monday Night Raw Recap 3-27-17 ( Wrestlemania Go Home Show)



charlotte and bayley




  1. Bayley Makes her way to the ring. She says this sunday she gets to live yet another dream and that is competing at Wrestlemania. She knows in the fatal four way the odds are stacked against her and out comes Charlotte Flair in her incredible robe. Charlotte calls her a paper champion and she says Bayley is the pawn of Sasha because of true jealousy since she lost to Charlotte. She says Bayley shouldnt even be here let alone the champion and this fairy tale ends at Wrestlemania. Bayley says Charlotte is full of crap and Charlotte shows a flashback Tweet from NXT by Charlotte which leads to Sasha Banks to come out. She says just like Charlotte to bring up something from 2015 to try to get a mental edge. She says she has a true friendship with Bayley and Bayley knows that friendship wont ever end but they also know they will go to war at Wrestlemania and brings up Sasha owning a victory over both females and now out comes Nia Jax. Jax says  she is tired of these 3 trying to steal the spotlight and everyone is tired of seeing the same story over and over but this Sunday it changes when she eliminates every single one but and now Bayley & Sasha Banks brawl with Nia Jax & Charlotte Which Turns into a match.






2.  Tag Team Match

Bayley & Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

Bayley & Sasha Banks Win after a Bayley To Belly On Charlotte Flair

Post Match: Nia Jax Lays out all 3 women and raises the Raw Women title




steph and zayn


3. Backstage we have Sami Zayn paying tribute to Mick Foley and says he will be winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and is doing it for Mick Foley but Stephanie buts in and says he has to earn his spot so tonight he has to beat Kevin Owens in a no DQ match and if he cant win he will be fired.




Austin aries



4. Singles Match ( Neville On Commentary)

Austin Aries Vs Noam Dar with Alicia Fox

Austin Aries Wins Via Last Chancery





5.  Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring on a crutch and grabs a mic and says  there is two chairs out here so lets gets this down and he waits and out comes Triple H.  Triple H tells him to understand before he signs this document if he attacks him he will have to respond and the match at Mania will be off and tells him to sit down and listen and then he will get his match. Triple H says listen to him not the idiotic fans and Triple H says the match is off and exits the ring and Rollins sits down which makes Triple H smile and enter back into the ring. Triple H says he wants Rollins to understand by signing this contract when he gets hurt again this Sunday he cant sue WWE. Rollins cant sue him or will he stop him from destroying his best creation. Rollins says he gets it and tells Triple H to sign it and hand it over and Triple H says he once made a smart decision but then he let the fans got to him and end his success. He says the fans have been jealous of his family for over 20 years. Triple H says he choose this life and he has never cared about anybody but him and his family and that is by not listening to these fans. He says how will his family forgive Rollins when he throws away his future and Rollins needs to see that he has no chance with one leg against him. Triple H Promises if he signs he will not walk out of wrestlemania let alone wrestle again. Rollins starts to think and he says that is the same bull crap he bought in 3 years ago but he isnt the same person he was 3 years ago. Rollins said he liked himself before he met Triple H, He never minded working the indie circuit because he loves this industry. This isn’t about fame or fortune or even wrestlemania. It is all about redemption because he gave up his best friends to stand next to Triple H and for what just so could Triple H could toss him to the side and Rollins says Triple H better tear his leg apart because  he will go to any length to get back where he was before he met Triple H and than he signs the contract. Triple H Turns around and Kicks the table into Rollins injured knee and then clears out the ring but wait Rollins out of knee with a wicked Kick and attempts a pedigree but Triple H chop blocks his leg and Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Rollins takes him over the top rope and starts hitting him with the crutch. 



big show

6.  Over The Top Rope Challenge

big Show does easy work of Shining Stars, Jinder Mahal, & Bo Dallas then out comes Curtis Axel and Golden Truth and everyone throws him out but Big Show gets back in the ring and lays them out and now out comes Braun Strowman and Strowman says come wrestlemania he will make his move and dominate the whole battle royal.




7. Backstage we see Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows ambush Cesaro & Sheamus with a ladder.




8. Singles Match

Neville Vs Jack Gallagher

Neville Wins Via Rings Of Saturn


Undertaker Vs Roman Reigns

9. Roman Reigns comes out and starts pacing in the ring and says in 2015 he won the royal rumble match in the arena and then he went on to headline Wrestlemania twice and for the longest time he thought that was his peek but now he sees his true peek because he will do what  no one else could do and that is end the career of the Undertaker. He doesnt care what anyone thinks anymore because this is his time and this is his house and he is standing in his yard. and the dong hits and Undertaker appears on the tron by a gravesite and Taker says Reigns is standing in his yard and the grave site will be his yard.  Reigns will be the biggest soul in his collection and at Wrestlemania the Roman Empire will fall 6 feet under. Then the lights go off in the arena and come back on with Undertaker in the ring with Reigns. They have a tense stare down and Undertaker says at Wrestlemania Reigns will rest in peace.



Anderson and Gallows

10. Enzo Amore & Big Cass come out and do their intro but wait Anderson & Gallows ambush them with a ladder.



owens vs zayn

11. No DQ Match

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn wins Via Rollup after a distraction by Sami Zayn

Post Match: Owens attacks Zayn but Jericho starts hitting Owens with a steel chair and Joe pulls Owens out of the ring. Jericho then grabs a mic and says Kevin Owens has just made the list yet again.



12.  Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman come out to the ring. Heyman says Lesnar will derail Goldberg’s little fairy tale this Sunday. He says this all gets settled this Sunday and it will only end one way and that is Brock Lesnar will add another world title to his collection. He lusts for the title and will do anything to gain that title. He admits Goldberg is a real life super hero and he respects him  and he proved that he is the man but his client is the beast and he will devour Goldberg quickly at Wrestlemania.  There is only one flaw to this brutal ending to this big time feud and this Sunday Goldberg will enter suplex city.  Wrestlemania 33 should be titled ” The Death Of A Superhero” Lesnar does not fear the spear and Goldberg wont be able to survive the F-5 and now out comes Goldberg.  Goldberg stands at the stage and has a mic and says No one came here to listen to them talk they would rather see a fight so why not have Wrestlemania a little early and They head for each Other and Goldberg hits a wicked spear then steps in the ring. Lesnar is having issues getting up while Goldberg celebrates in the ring…