Mafia 3 Review



I know this game has been out awhile but i wanted to give this game a proper review. So after 2 gameplays i have my final thoughts. Mafia 3 broke a mold it attacked a time where racism is very high and Black people were thought of trash so in this story you have a great character in Lincoln Clay a  Soldier who came back only to help the top Mob Boss Sal Marcano. Which ends up in his father figure and best friend being killed and at the same time they tried to kill him but Clay being the badass he is in this game survived and no you spend the rest of the game getting help and revenge and single handed destroy the mob. At the end you make 2 big choices, the first one is to either Kill Sal marcano or let him live. Now after that you make the choice to either become The New mob leader or leave and go to california. The presentation of this game worked very well it was presented as a documentary on the life of Lincoln Clay and the ending was just a masterpiece. I spent maybe 60 hours on the game in total and had fun throough the whole game


Ratings (1-10)


Gameplay: 7.5

Story: 10

Fun & Enjoyment: 9

Diffculty : 5


This game is a must place if you love open worlds and great stories, The side missions are a must and they do get repitive in a way but they are still very fun to the end. I give this game a total rating of 8.5. I would even play it a third time and would like to see a Mafia 4 about the aftermath of this game.


If you still want to see gameplay, Below their is a Link to the ending of the game.