Wrestlemania 33 Review








The kickoff show kicks off with the Wrestlemania Panel which includes Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, &  Shawn Micheals. Renee like always makes all three legends look great with great intros.  Only took 45 seconds for Lawler with his corny jokes.  Later on in the kickoff show Paul Heyman will be in the media lounge to answer questions.  Payback will be the next pay per view to take place and they go on to talk about the WWE Title match including Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton.  In my eyes this is the best feud going into tonight months of build up done all right. Everyone makes a prediction which Micheals & Booker T Choose Randy Orton and Lawler says Bray Wyatt. Then we go right into the AJ Styles Vs Shane Mcmahon Match. And then they go on to talk about Seth Rollins Vs Triple H leading to a video package. The match is the biggest question but it could be the match that steals the show but the question is will Samoa Joe & Finn Balor show up?   Everyone Picks Triple H to win only due to the injury of Seth Rollins.  Now they go on to talk about both womens title matches which both will be on the main card. Lita replaces Lawler on the panel at least for the time being.  They go on to talk about how the womens division on the main roster has improved in a year.  Now the best hyped match is the mixed tag team match but i feel everyone knows this match won’t be that great.  But it is now time for some action.


  • Cruiserweight Title Match

Neville Vs Austin Aries

Neville Wins Via Red Arrow & Retains Crusierweight Title

Rate: 3.5 Stars


A Great way to kick off wrestlemania. This was the first Cruiserweight tile match since 2004 and this may have been the best Cruiserweight match since its rebirth. I think it may have succeeded in getting more fans for that division. Saw some great German suplexs that would make Chris Benoit smile. But what made the ending better than most Cruiserweight matches was it made sense. Neville attacking Aries injured eye and the prettiest Red arrow we have ever seen. Neville got good heat and plants the seeds for a rematch possibly for Payback.

  1. Andre The Giant Battle Royal


Elimination Order:


  • Primo Eliminated By  Braun Strowman
  • Kalisto Eliminated By Braun Strowman
  • Simon Gotch Eliminated By Braun Strowman
  • Heath Slater Eliminated By Braun Strowman
  • Jimmy Uso Eliminated By Big Show
  • Goldust Eliminated By Big Show
  • Konnor Eliminated By Big Show
  • Big Show Eliminated By  Braun Strowman
  • Viktor Eliminated By Braun Strowman
  • Braun Strowman Eliminated By Everybody
  • Curt Hawkins Eliminated By Mark Henry
  • R truth Eliminated By Dolph Ziggler
  • Rhyno Eliminated By Dolph Ziggler
  • Aiden English Eliminated By American Alpha
  • Curtis Axel Eliminated By American Alpha
  • Jey Uso Eliminated By American Alpha
  • Jason Jordon Eliminated By Killian Dain
  • Chad Gable Eliminated By Killian Dain
  • Tyler Breeze Eliminated By Mojo Rawley
  • Fandango Eliminated By Mojo Rawley
  • Goldust  Eliminated By Mark Henry
  • Mark Henry Eliminated By Mojo Rawley, Sami Zayn, & Epico
  • Tian Bing Eliminated By Dolph Ziggler
  • Epico Eliminated By Sami Zayn
  • Bo Dallas Eliminated By MoJo Rawley
  • Apollo Crews Eliminated By Killian Dain
  • Dolph Ziggler Eliminated By MoJo Rawley
  • Luke Harper Eliminated By Titus Oniel
  • Titus Oniel Eliminated By Sami Zayn
  • Sami Zayn Eliminated By Killian Dain
  • Killian Dain Eliminated By MoJo Rawley
  • Jinder Mahal Eliminated By MoJo Rawley

Winner: MoJo Rawley

Rate: 3 Stars


Well this wasn’t predictable We saw Strowman and Big show dominated the first three minutes only to get eliminated early on in the match. We even Saw Gronk from the New England Patriots take down Mahal after Mahal slapped him. Killian Dain of Sanity had the most impressive showing in my eyes and i can see a bright future in WWE for him. I am fine with Rawley winning because it helps build a star and i see a feud with a heel Ryder in the future.

We go back to the panel as they start talking about Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg and we find out we have one more match on the kickoff show.


  1. IC Title Match

Dean Ambrose Vs Baron Corbin

Dean Ambrose Wins Via Dirty Deeds & Retains IC Title

Rate: 2 Stars




This match was awfully dull and needed a stipulation to be better but Corbin impressed me with his great heel work and intensity. I was just bored during the whole match except the last 3 minutes.


We Go back to the panel as they hype up all the Wrestlemania matches. As we transition into the Wrestlemania intro.


Wrestlemania kicks off with national anthem and already there is some audio issues or she is just awful.  Which leads into the opening intro. And was very well executed.  And the fireworks go off as The New F=Day come in Red and white and that entrance ramp was insane but The New day paying some tribute to Final Fantasy.  Woods has a mic and you can see the excitement and he says they are honored to be chosen over everyone else and fans start a who chant and New day says they are the best choice to host Wrestlemania.  


  1. Singles Match

Shane Mcmahon Vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles Wins Via Phenomenal Forearm

Rate: 3.5 Stars




The opener to the main card which i was upset at first that Styles was in the opening match but after this contest i agree with it. This match was a lot better than anticipated. We saw some big spots Shane Reversing the springboard 450 splash into a triangle choke, Coast to coast into a trashcan into Styles, Shane missing the flying elbow drop and goes crashing through the table, and We saw shane attempt a shooting star press. This match was beautiful and well done and both men should be proud of themself.


  1. United States Title Match

Chris Jericho Vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens Wins Via Powerbomb On The Apron & Wins United States Title

Rate: 3.5 Stars


This match was so different from the opener. So much more physcolgy and great heel work from owens. Biggest mark out moment for this match was Jericho Reversing the pop up powerbomb into a codebreaker. Owens would also lock in the walls of Jericho and this match told the beautiful story of best friends knowing each other and  it took a powerbomb on the apron to beat the legend and i really hope Owens does good things for that title.


  1. Fatal Four Way Elimination Match For Raw Womens Title

Bayley Vs  Nia Jax Vs Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Flair

Elimination Order:


  • Nia Jax Eliminated By All 3 women after a triple powerbomb off the middle rope
  • Sasha Banks Eliminated By Charlotte Flair after hitting the exposed turnbuckle
  • Charlotte Flair Eliminated By Bayley Via Top Rope Elbow Drop

Bayley Wins & Retains Raw Womens Title

Rate: 3 Stars



This match was odd booking wise. First off Nia Jax looked good for about 20 seconds and then was eliminated so what was the point of her being in the match. But we did get to see Charlotte do a corkscrew moonsault and i popped big for this moment but next we saw Sasha get eliminated without any friction with Bayley and then Bayley winning with the elbow drop to pay homage to Randy Savage.  Match was underwhelming and was expecting them to have more time.


Next we see a video package of the hall of fame ceremony from friday night and next we see all of them come to the stage for their moment and if you didn’t watch here is the list of 2017 WWE Hall Of Famers   Kurt Angle, Diamond Dallas Page, Rock n Roll Express, Beth Phoenix, Rick Rude ( Represented by his wife and kids)  Teddy Long, Eric Legrand ( Warriors Award)


  1. Fatal Four Way Ladder Match For Raw Tag Team Titles

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass Vs Cesaro & Sheamus Vs Hardy Boyz

Hardy Boyz win Raw Tag Team titles

Rate: 3.5  stars



Lets just say it The New Day trolled the whole building and when the Hardy Boyz music hit the crowd went insane and so did i and they broke twitter pardon the pun. But this match was great and seeing them win the tag titles only means they will be booked legit and i love that. All men did great in the match and everyone got their moments and The Jeff hardy swanton bomb off the ladder on Cesaro & sheamus through a ladder was breathtaking. I need to compose myself.


  1. Mixed Tag Team Match


The Miz & Maryse Vs John cena & Nikki Bella


John Cena & Nikki Bella Win after a double pin


Rate: 2 Stars


Post Match: John Cena has a mic and says this is what Nikki wanted a year ago when she broke her neck and now she has a wrestlemainia moment and he says he wants a honest answer for this question because the time is right right here in front of all of them. He remembers after her surgery he whispered to her one day i will marry ypu and now we are here and he is proposing to Nikki Bella  and she says yes…



Well the match was a piss break match to calm the fans down and it felt like a burial to the Miz. Nothing more and nothing less but after the proposal felt real and  it would make any adult emotional and it was a great moment for them to share with us so i won’t be too hard on them for this.


  1.  Non-Sanctioned Match

Triple H  With Stephanie Mcmahon Vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins Wins Via Pedigree

Rate: 4 Stars


This match was purely amazing and it started with both men having great entrances. Most of the match Triple H dissected the injured knee and tried everything to put Rollins down, Tried chairs, Tried a pedigree, even tried with a sledgehammer but the end sequence was beautiful. Both men fighting to hit the pedigree then Rollins super kicking Triple H Into Stephanie and she went crashing through the table. An amazing match  that got the crowd back into it.


  1. WWE Title Match

Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton Wins Via RKO & Wins WWE Title

Rate: 3.5 Stars



This match was the most different thing i have ever seen in pro wrestling. In the beginning Orton dominated until Wyatt started turning the ring into maggots and played major mind games with orton. A few minutes later both men hit their finishers on the outside.  It seems Wyatt has became more supernatural with the Ashes of Abigail and i loved that storytelling in this match.  The bug ring effects and finisher trading went through the whole match but the ending was so quick and confused me


  1.  Universal Title Match

Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar With Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar Wins Via F-5 & Wins Universal Title

Rate: 3 Stars


This match was actually good and the crowd was into it. Goldberg went to suplex city and Goldberg hit like 10 spears even one through a barricade. Lesnar Kicking out of the jackhammer was a holy shit moment but the crowd really loved this war it was just hitting for 10 minutes. I have no issue with this match was a lot better than anyone could guess.


  1.  6 Pack Challenge For Smackdown Womens Title

Alexa Bliss Vs Becky Lynch Vs Mickie James Vs Carmella With James Ellsworth Vs Natayla Vs Naomi

Naomi Wins Via Modified Anaconda Vice & Wins Smackdown Womens Title

Rate: 2.5 Stars



This match was average at best. They didn’t have much time and every moment seemed rushed but the right person  won and by beating Bliss it wasn’t a fluke win. I just hope she gets a proper title run.


  1. No Holds Barred Match

Roman Reigns Vs Undertaker

Roman Reigns Wins Via Spear

Rate : 4 Stars




A great match to end the great show. It really told a great story of the young lion and Taker kept kickout out but Youth won this war and in the end it looked like Reigns didn’t want to finish off taker but one last violent spear did it. After the match the fans gave Undertaker a ovation which could be his last match and this match was even more special with Jim Ross on commentary.  Taker is somehow up and looks at the crowd as his music hits and you can just see the emotion in his face . He leaves his Gloves, Jacket, & Hat in the ring to symbol his retirement.



NXT Takeover: Orlando Recap





  • 8 Person Tag Team Match



Sanity ( Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killer Daine, & Nikki Cross) vs Tye Dillenger, Ruby Riot, Roderick Strong, & Kassius Ohno


Sanity Win With Killer Daine Getting The Pin Over Tye Dillenger


Rate: 3 Stars


  1. Singles Match


Andrade Almas Vs Aleister Black


Alesiter Black Wins Via Black Mask


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1. Triple Threat Elimination Match For NXT Tag Team Titles


Authors Of Pain With Paul Ellering Vs The Revival Vs D.I.Y


Elimination Order:



  • D.I.Y Eliminated By Authors Of Pain
  • The Revival Eliminated By Authors Of Pain



Authors Of Pain Win & Retain NXT Tag Team Titles


  1. NXT Womens Title Match


Asuka Vs Ember Moon


Asuka Wins Via Asuka Lock & Retains NXT Womens Title


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1. NXT Title Match


Bobby Roode Vs Shinsuke Nakamaura


Bobby Roode Wins Via Glorious DDT & Retains NXT Title


Rate: 4 Stars

Mafia 3 Review



I know this game has been out awhile but i wanted to give this game a proper review. So after 2 gameplays i have my final thoughts. Mafia 3 broke a mold it attacked a time where racism is very high and Black people were thought of trash so in this story you have a great character in Lincoln Clay a  Soldier who came back only to help the top Mob Boss Sal Marcano. Which ends up in his father figure and best friend being killed and at the same time they tried to kill him but Clay being the badass he is in this game survived and no you spend the rest of the game getting help and revenge and single handed destroy the mob. At the end you make 2 big choices, the first one is to either Kill Sal marcano or let him live. Now after that you make the choice to either become The New mob leader or leave and go to california. The presentation of this game worked very well it was presented as a documentary on the life of Lincoln Clay and the ending was just a masterpiece. I spent maybe 60 hours on the game in total and had fun throough the whole game


Ratings (1-10)


Gameplay: 7.5

Story: 10

Fun & Enjoyment: 9

Diffculty : 5


This game is a must place if you love open worlds and great stories, The side missions are a must and they do get repitive in a way but they are still very fun to the end. I give this game a total rating of 8.5. I would even play it a third time and would like to see a Mafia 4 about the aftermath of this game.


If you still want to see gameplay, Below their is a Link to the ending of the game.




205 Live & NXT Recap





205 live

205 Live:



  • Nevile Appears backstage after they show a clip from Raw where Aries made fun of Neville. Neville says they made a mistake by disrespecting him and Aries won’t laugh when he gets humilated at Wrestlemania and he is tired of being underappreciated. 205 live would be nothing without Neville and tonight he will prove it.



  1. Singles Match

Rich Swann Vs Ariya Davari

Rich Swann Wins Via Phoenix Splash


  1. Singles Match

Mustafa Ali Vs Local Talent

Mustafa Ali Wins Via Inverted 450 Splash


  1.  Singles Match

Akira Tozawa Vs Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick Wins Via Rollup
aa d

  1. Neville comes out to the ring. He says 5 days away from Wrestlemania. He is at a crossroads and he has been looking back at his life and career. He has never had a easy life he has faced many problems but he is still here. He has been overlooked for 15 years time after time. Just last year he was supposed to be at Wrestlemania but 3 weeks before he broke his ankle and  no one gave a damn and then he came to 20 live and carried this place by himself. He says Aries is just a commentary clown who doesn’t even have what it takes anymore. He shows a black screen and says without him 205 Live is nothing it will die.but now Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. Aries says This is the difference between them and he says Neville blames the fans for all his problems just to feed his ego but Aries says with Aries 205 live is twice as great. Aries says he has a lot of jokes because he likes to add humour to life and not be angry and miserable like Neville. His whole life he had to prove people wrong and everything he has earned every bit of it. He says both of us have huge egos and at wrestlemania those 2 egos will clash in a war. Neville just cheap shots Aries and starts stomping away on Aries and Neville has a scary look in his eyes and wait Aries hits him with the Microphone and locks in the last chancery but Neville escapes.





  • Triple Threat Match

Johnny Gargano With Tommaso Ciampa Vs Dash Wilder With Scott Dawson Vs Akam With Reszar & Paul Ellering

Dash Wilder Wins By Pinning Johnny Gargano after Akam did the damage.


  1. Tag Team Match

Heavy Machinery Vs 2 Local Talents

Heavy Machinery Win


  1. Loser Leaves NXT Match

Kassius Ohno Vs Elias Samson

Kassius ohno Wins Via Discus Elbow

Smackdown Live Recap (3-28-17)


styles vs shane


  • Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring. He says he is here to sign the match for a huge wrestlemania match and he introduces the commissioner of Smackdown live and outcomes Shane Mcmahon.. Shane takes a seat after getting a few cheers but nothing impressive and Bryan introduces Shanes opponent and out comes AJ Styles.. Shane said he made Smackdown Live a brand for the wrestlers and not management and he feel he has done that and the fans have made it the number 1 show. He said Styles has been a big part of the show and he knows he is one of the greatest talents to ever get in the ring. Shane says he knows how long it took AJ to get here and the fans love him and love that he finally came to the WWE. In under a year he became WWE Champion but after all that his ego got so big which cost him to lose to John Cena and then Randy Orton. Shane knows he cant outwrestle Styles but he will fight and Styles will have to dig deep inside his soul to survive at Wrestlemania. Shane signs the contract and Styles says this isnt a hell in a cell or a falls count anywhere. This is a wrestling match in which Shane has no chance in hell. In this ring he is untouchable and Shane has no chance in any form. He shane extends his to hand to AJ but AJ looks at him and smiles and leaves.

lynch and carmella

  1. Singles Match ( Mickie James & Alexa Bliss On Commentary)

Becky Lynch Vs Carmella With James Ellsworth

Match ends in no contest when Mickie James & Alexa Bliss get in  the ring and Lynch takes out carmella and Mickie hits the Mick Kick on Alexa Bliss.


  1. Tag Team Match

Becky Lynch & Mickie James Vs Alexa Bliss & Carmella With James Ellsworth

Alexa Bliss & Carmella Win after Carmella rolls up Becky Lynch

Post Match: Natayla, Carmella, & Alexa Bliss stand tall and OH God Naomi is back and she lays out all 3 women.  Naomi grabs a mic and says  she is back just in  time to win her title back at Wrestlemania.

cena vs miz

  1. The Miz & Maryse come out. They welcome us to a new edition of MizTv and showing another Total Bella Bullcrap Skit. and now out comes John Cena & Nikki Bella.. Cena says that was pretty funny and he thought it was humorous making fun of house rules and it was actually good. One of the only few things he has done but when the jokes ended he has a real issue with both Miz and Maryse and they have pure jealousy and just love spreading rumors. WWE didn’t ask Maryse back because she wasn’t that good and Miz whole idea of Cena leaving is funny and Miz must be high. Cena has been loyal to WWE since 2002 and trust me some fans don’t want him here and Cena says he is doing a  movie and starts naming guys who have done movies. Miz only movies are crappy bootlegs of movies Cena has already made. Cena still dont get why Marsye is here and there is a women’s revolution going around but she just stands there week in and week out. Cena said Marsye is only back because Miz begged Vince so he can get on Total Divas. He is tired of eharing them ramble on and on every week about the same thing people have been saying for the past year. Cena takes his gear off and says he is still the same man and Miz knows he will get crushed at Mania and Miz and Maryse will get destroyed.  Cena ends up calling Miz a pussy and for once to grow a set. Cena tells Miz to prove him wrong in front of this sold out crowd.  


  1. 10 Man Tag Team Match

American Alpha, One Man Gore,& Mojo Rawley Vs The Usos, Breezeango, & Dolph Ziggler

American Alpha, One Man Gore, & Mojo Rawley Win….


  1. Singles Match


Bray Wyatt Vs Luke Harper


Bray Wyatt Wins Via Sister Abigail
Post Match: Randy Orton appears on the tron and says he is kneeling on hallow grounds the very site of the grave of Sister Abigail and he says these powers will not help him and Brays fate has been sealed.

Monday Night Raw Recap 3-27-17 ( Wrestlemania Go Home Show)



charlotte and bayley




  1. Bayley Makes her way to the ring. She says this sunday she gets to live yet another dream and that is competing at Wrestlemania. She knows in the fatal four way the odds are stacked against her and out comes Charlotte Flair in her incredible robe. Charlotte calls her a paper champion and she says Bayley is the pawn of Sasha because of true jealousy since she lost to Charlotte. She says Bayley shouldnt even be here let alone the champion and this fairy tale ends at Wrestlemania. Bayley says Charlotte is full of crap and Charlotte shows a flashback Tweet from NXT by Charlotte which leads to Sasha Banks to come out. She says just like Charlotte to bring up something from 2015 to try to get a mental edge. She says she has a true friendship with Bayley and Bayley knows that friendship wont ever end but they also know they will go to war at Wrestlemania and brings up Sasha owning a victory over both females and now out comes Nia Jax. Jax says  she is tired of these 3 trying to steal the spotlight and everyone is tired of seeing the same story over and over but this Sunday it changes when she eliminates every single one but and now Bayley & Sasha Banks brawl with Nia Jax & Charlotte Which Turns into a match.






2.  Tag Team Match

Bayley & Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

Bayley & Sasha Banks Win after a Bayley To Belly On Charlotte Flair

Post Match: Nia Jax Lays out all 3 women and raises the Raw Women title




steph and zayn


3. Backstage we have Sami Zayn paying tribute to Mick Foley and says he will be winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and is doing it for Mick Foley but Stephanie buts in and says he has to earn his spot so tonight he has to beat Kevin Owens in a no DQ match and if he cant win he will be fired.




Austin aries



4. Singles Match ( Neville On Commentary)

Austin Aries Vs Noam Dar with Alicia Fox

Austin Aries Wins Via Last Chancery





5.  Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring on a crutch and grabs a mic and says  there is two chairs out here so lets gets this down and he waits and out comes Triple H.  Triple H tells him to understand before he signs this document if he attacks him he will have to respond and the match at Mania will be off and tells him to sit down and listen and then he will get his match. Triple H says listen to him not the idiotic fans and Triple H says the match is off and exits the ring and Rollins sits down which makes Triple H smile and enter back into the ring. Triple H says he wants Rollins to understand by signing this contract when he gets hurt again this Sunday he cant sue WWE. Rollins cant sue him or will he stop him from destroying his best creation. Rollins says he gets it and tells Triple H to sign it and hand it over and Triple H says he once made a smart decision but then he let the fans got to him and end his success. He says the fans have been jealous of his family for over 20 years. Triple H says he choose this life and he has never cared about anybody but him and his family and that is by not listening to these fans. He says how will his family forgive Rollins when he throws away his future and Rollins needs to see that he has no chance with one leg against him. Triple H Promises if he signs he will not walk out of wrestlemania let alone wrestle again. Rollins starts to think and he says that is the same bull crap he bought in 3 years ago but he isnt the same person he was 3 years ago. Rollins said he liked himself before he met Triple H, He never minded working the indie circuit because he loves this industry. This isn’t about fame or fortune or even wrestlemania. It is all about redemption because he gave up his best friends to stand next to Triple H and for what just so could Triple H could toss him to the side and Rollins says Triple H better tear his leg apart because  he will go to any length to get back where he was before he met Triple H and than he signs the contract. Triple H Turns around and Kicks the table into Rollins injured knee and then clears out the ring but wait Rollins out of knee with a wicked Kick and attempts a pedigree but Triple H chop blocks his leg and Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Rollins takes him over the top rope and starts hitting him with the crutch. 



big show

6.  Over The Top Rope Challenge

big Show does easy work of Shining Stars, Jinder Mahal, & Bo Dallas then out comes Curtis Axel and Golden Truth and everyone throws him out but Big Show gets back in the ring and lays them out and now out comes Braun Strowman and Strowman says come wrestlemania he will make his move and dominate the whole battle royal.




7. Backstage we see Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows ambush Cesaro & Sheamus with a ladder.




8. Singles Match

Neville Vs Jack Gallagher

Neville Wins Via Rings Of Saturn


Undertaker Vs Roman Reigns

9. Roman Reigns comes out and starts pacing in the ring and says in 2015 he won the royal rumble match in the arena and then he went on to headline Wrestlemania twice and for the longest time he thought that was his peek but now he sees his true peek because he will do what  no one else could do and that is end the career of the Undertaker. He doesnt care what anyone thinks anymore because this is his time and this is his house and he is standing in his yard. and the dong hits and Undertaker appears on the tron by a gravesite and Taker says Reigns is standing in his yard and the grave site will be his yard.  Reigns will be the biggest soul in his collection and at Wrestlemania the Roman Empire will fall 6 feet under. Then the lights go off in the arena and come back on with Undertaker in the ring with Reigns. They have a tense stare down and Undertaker says at Wrestlemania Reigns will rest in peace.



Anderson and Gallows

10. Enzo Amore & Big Cass come out and do their intro but wait Anderson & Gallows ambush them with a ladder.



owens vs zayn

11. No DQ Match

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn wins Via Rollup after a distraction by Sami Zayn

Post Match: Owens attacks Zayn but Jericho starts hitting Owens with a steel chair and Joe pulls Owens out of the ring. Jericho then grabs a mic and says Kevin Owens has just made the list yet again.



12.  Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman come out to the ring. Heyman says Lesnar will derail Goldberg’s little fairy tale this Sunday. He says this all gets settled this Sunday and it will only end one way and that is Brock Lesnar will add another world title to his collection. He lusts for the title and will do anything to gain that title. He admits Goldberg is a real life super hero and he respects him  and he proved that he is the man but his client is the beast and he will devour Goldberg quickly at Wrestlemania.  There is only one flaw to this brutal ending to this big time feud and this Sunday Goldberg will enter suplex city.  Wrestlemania 33 should be titled ” The Death Of A Superhero” Lesnar does not fear the spear and Goldberg wont be able to survive the F-5 and now out comes Goldberg.  Goldberg stands at the stage and has a mic and says No one came here to listen to them talk they would rather see a fight so why not have Wrestlemania a little early and They head for each Other and Goldberg hits a wicked spear then steps in the ring. Lesnar is having issues getting up while Goldberg celebrates in the ring…







Pro Wrestling World Cup: English Qualifier Results



  • Qualifying Match



Will Osprey Vs Martin Kirby


Will Osprey Wins Via Oz Cutter

  1. Qualifying Match


Nick Aldis Vs Rampage Brown


Rampage Brown Wins Via Rollup

  1. Tag Team Match ( James R. Kennedy On Commentary)


Matt Riddle & Liam Slater Vs Prospect


Matt Riddle & Liam Slater Win

  1. Qualifying Match


Marty Scrull Vs Zack Sabre Jr.


Zack Sabre Jr. Wins Via Rollup

  1. Qualifying Match


Zack Gibson Vs Jimmy Havoc


Jimmy Havoc Wins Via Rainmaker Clothesline

  1. Adam Blampied makes his way to the ring. He says this is a historic night as it is the beginning of a historic tournament. He says Gabriel Kidd has come oh so close to prove he is a star but he has proved he is one of the hottest up and coming talents in the UK. He was inches away from beating Joe Hendry and he says that will not do for his company. He says at No Regrets on april 29th Cody Rhodes will defend his Internet title against Joe Hendry and Gabriel Kidd.  But he says what about a contest tonight and Kidd will join the Bullet Club for one night only against The Prestige since Cody Rhodes could not make it as he is filming Arrow. But he says tonight we will have a bonus match and that will be El Ligero Vs Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Title.

  1. ROH World Title Match


Christopher Daniels Vs El Ligero


Christopher Daniels Wins Via Best Moonsault Ever & Retains ROH World Title

  1. Singles Match


Ricochet Vs Drew Galloway


Drew Galloway Wins Via 3 Future Shock DDT’s

  1.  Backstage we find Prince Ameen  knocked out under trash.

  1. Qualifying Match


Will Osprey Vs Rampage Brown


Will Osprey Wins Via Oz Cutter

  1. Qualifying Match


Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Jimmy Havoc


Zack Sabre. Jr Wins Via Modified Armbar and Twisting Leg Bar

Zack Sabre Jr. & Will Osprey will represent the English in the Pro Wrestling Cup..

  1.  8 Man Tag Team Match


The Prestige ( Joe Hendry, Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, & BT Gunn) Vs Bullet Club ( Adam Cole, Young Bucks, & Gabriel Kidd )


The Presitge Win with Kidd taking the pin.

Can The Assassins Creed Franchise get fixed?





Assassin Creed which was developed by Ubisoft and has became Ubisoft most sold franchise in their history. They have covered multiple times in the world including Third Crusade,,  The Renaissance era, Colonial Era, French Revolution, Imperial China, Victorian Era, Sikh Empire,  and October Revolution. It has been around since 2007 and it brought a mix of great gameplay (at the time) and a story arc not many developers would of thought would of worked. Most say the story of Ezio Auditore which spanned over 4 games was the peak of the franchise and since then they have had some big flops. Assassin Creed Unity was the first one to make it to next Gen consoles (Xbox One & Playstation 4) when it was released it had major issues with bugs in multiplayer and the regular story But Ubisoft tried to fire back with Syndicate which in theory was a great game. The first release of that game that you could play as two characters and a great story placed in the Victorian Era. But the issue is the gameplay hasn’t changed since Assasin Creed 2 and that bothers a lot of gamers and add on the bugs and replaceable story arcs and the franchise has lost its buzz.  

How do you fix it? It wont be easy to gain back some fans but it is possible. You have to go back to what made the franchise look good. Great storytelling and development into characters. The gameplay is a great base but it needs to be revamped for modern society. What worked 10 years ago wont work now because of the rapid success and change in the industry. They need to have another great idea as well. AC2 was successful because it changed alot on how others saw video games with the history included in the 4 games following Ezio Auditore. As a gamer and huge fan of the series i just hope they can either fix it or end the franchise. Thank you for reading and make sure to follow us on twitter.

WCPW Bulletproof Recap



  • Four Way Texas Tornado  Tag Team Match For WCPW Tag Team Titles



Swords Of Essex Vs Prospect Vs Liam Slater & Matt Riddle Vs Young Bucks


Swords Of Essex Win & Retain WCPW Tag Team Titles


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1.  Singles Match


Drake With James R Kennedy Vs Rampage Brown


Rampage Brown Wins Via Piledriver in under 3 minutes


Rate: 2 Stars


  1. Singles Match


Viper With Bea Presitley Vs Lana Austin


Viper Wins Via Michinoku Driver


Rate: 1.5 Stars


Post Match: Adam Blampied comes out..  He says he loves this place with every bit of his heart but it is time for business and he thinks the fans want to see a womens title match and  says she will face Tessa Blanchard…


  1. WCPW Womens Title Match


Bea Presitley With Viper Vs Tessa Blanchard


Bea Presitley Wins Via Kimura Lock & Retains WCPW Womens Title


Rate: 2.5 Stars


  1. 7 Way Elimination Match ( Winner Gets a future WCPW Title Shot)


Travis Banks Vs BT Gunn vs El Ligero Vs Ricochet Vs Marty Scurll vs Doug Williams Vs Martin Kirby


Elimination Order:


  • Doug Williams Eliminated By BT Gunn & Travis Banks Via Double Kick
  • El Ligero Eliminated By BT Gunn Via Brainbuster
  • Marty Scrull Eliminated By Martin Kirby Via Rollup
  • BT Gunn Eliminated By Ricochet Via Lifting STO
  • Ricochet Eliminated By Travis Banks Via Rollup
  • Travis Banks Eliminated By Martin Kirby Via Sabre Bomb



Martin Kirby is the winner….


Rate: 3.5 Stars


  1. Singles Match ( Number 1 contenders match for WCPW Internet Title)


Joe Hendry Vs Gabriel Kidd With Prince Ameen


Joe Hendry Wins Via Rollup


Rate: 3 stars


  1.  Triple Threat Match For ROH World Title


Christopher Daniels Vs Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Adam Cole


Christopher Daniels Wins Via Angel Wings On Zack Sabre Jr. Onto Adam Cole & Retains ROH World Title


Rate: 4 Stars


  1. WCPW World Title Match


Drew Galloway Vs Joe Coffey


Drew Galloway Wins Via Future Shock DDT & Retains WCPW World Title


Rate: 3.5 Stars


Post Match: The Presitge ambush Galloway and out comes Rampage Brown  to aid Galloway But the numbers are too much for Brown but now out comes the Bullet Club and give us a superkick party to aid Galloway.


Ups Of The Show



  • A great Opener that was a spotfest that really pumped the crowd and got them ready for the rest of the show.
  • A Suprise triple threat ROH World title match that ended up being the best match of the night
  • A solid Main event



Downs Of The Show



  • The ending just didnt sit well with me.
  • The women matches werent well done
  • The lights went off 3 times during the whole show
  • Odd interview segments