Smackdown Live Recap (3-28-17)


styles vs shane


  • Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring. He says he is here to sign the match for a huge wrestlemania match and he introduces the commissioner of Smackdown live and outcomes Shane Mcmahon.. Shane takes a seat after getting a few cheers but nothing impressive and Bryan introduces Shanes opponent and out comes AJ Styles.. Shane said he made Smackdown Live a brand for the wrestlers and not management and he feel he has done that and the fans have made it the number 1 show. He said Styles has been a big part of the show and he knows he is one of the greatest talents to ever get in the ring. Shane says he knows how long it took AJ to get here and the fans love him and love that he finally came to the WWE. In under a year he became WWE Champion but after all that his ego got so big which cost him to lose to John Cena and then Randy Orton. Shane knows he cant outwrestle Styles but he will fight and Styles will have to dig deep inside his soul to survive at Wrestlemania. Shane signs the contract and Styles says this isnt a hell in a cell or a falls count anywhere. This is a wrestling match in which Shane has no chance in hell. In this ring he is untouchable and Shane has no chance in any form. He shane extends his to hand to AJ but AJ looks at him and smiles and leaves.

lynch and carmella

  1. Singles Match ( Mickie James & Alexa Bliss On Commentary)

Becky Lynch Vs Carmella With James Ellsworth

Match ends in no contest when Mickie James & Alexa Bliss get in  the ring and Lynch takes out carmella and Mickie hits the Mick Kick on Alexa Bliss.


  1. Tag Team Match

Becky Lynch & Mickie James Vs Alexa Bliss & Carmella With James Ellsworth

Alexa Bliss & Carmella Win after Carmella rolls up Becky Lynch

Post Match: Natayla, Carmella, & Alexa Bliss stand tall and OH God Naomi is back and she lays out all 3 women.  Naomi grabs a mic and says  she is back just in  time to win her title back at Wrestlemania.

cena vs miz

  1. The Miz & Maryse come out. They welcome us to a new edition of MizTv and showing another Total Bella Bullcrap Skit. and now out comes John Cena & Nikki Bella.. Cena says that was pretty funny and he thought it was humorous making fun of house rules and it was actually good. One of the only few things he has done but when the jokes ended he has a real issue with both Miz and Maryse and they have pure jealousy and just love spreading rumors. WWE didn’t ask Maryse back because she wasn’t that good and Miz whole idea of Cena leaving is funny and Miz must be high. Cena has been loyal to WWE since 2002 and trust me some fans don’t want him here and Cena says he is doing a  movie and starts naming guys who have done movies. Miz only movies are crappy bootlegs of movies Cena has already made. Cena still dont get why Marsye is here and there is a women’s revolution going around but she just stands there week in and week out. Cena said Marsye is only back because Miz begged Vince so he can get on Total Divas. He is tired of eharing them ramble on and on every week about the same thing people have been saying for the past year. Cena takes his gear off and says he is still the same man and Miz knows he will get crushed at Mania and Miz and Maryse will get destroyed.  Cena ends up calling Miz a pussy and for once to grow a set. Cena tells Miz to prove him wrong in front of this sold out crowd.  


  1. 10 Man Tag Team Match

American Alpha, One Man Gore,& Mojo Rawley Vs The Usos, Breezeango, & Dolph Ziggler

American Alpha, One Man Gore, & Mojo Rawley Win….


  1. Singles Match


Bray Wyatt Vs Luke Harper


Bray Wyatt Wins Via Sister Abigail
Post Match: Randy Orton appears on the tron and says he is kneeling on hallow grounds the very site of the grave of Sister Abigail and he says these powers will not help him and Brays fate has been sealed.


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