205 Live & NXT Recap





205 live

205 Live:



  • Nevile Appears backstage after they show a clip from Raw where Aries made fun of Neville. Neville says they made a mistake by disrespecting him and Aries won’t laugh when he gets humilated at Wrestlemania and he is tired of being underappreciated. 205 live would be nothing without Neville and tonight he will prove it.



  1. Singles Match

Rich Swann Vs Ariya Davari

Rich Swann Wins Via Phoenix Splash


  1. Singles Match

Mustafa Ali Vs Local Talent

Mustafa Ali Wins Via Inverted 450 Splash


  1.  Singles Match

Akira Tozawa Vs Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick Wins Via Rollup
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  1. Neville comes out to the ring. He says 5 days away from Wrestlemania. He is at a crossroads and he has been looking back at his life and career. He has never had a easy life he has faced many problems but he is still here. He has been overlooked for 15 years time after time. Just last year he was supposed to be at Wrestlemania but 3 weeks before he broke his ankle and  no one gave a damn and then he came to 20 live and carried this place by himself. He says Aries is just a commentary clown who doesn’t even have what it takes anymore. He shows a black screen and says without him 205 Live is nothing it will die.but now Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. Aries says This is the difference between them and he says Neville blames the fans for all his problems just to feed his ego but Aries says with Aries 205 live is twice as great. Aries says he has a lot of jokes because he likes to add humour to life and not be angry and miserable like Neville. His whole life he had to prove people wrong and everything he has earned every bit of it. He says both of us have huge egos and at wrestlemania those 2 egos will clash in a war. Neville just cheap shots Aries and starts stomping away on Aries and Neville has a scary look in his eyes and wait Aries hits him with the Microphone and locks in the last chancery but Neville escapes.





  • Triple Threat Match

Johnny Gargano With Tommaso Ciampa Vs Dash Wilder With Scott Dawson Vs Akam With Reszar & Paul Ellering

Dash Wilder Wins By Pinning Johnny Gargano after Akam did the damage.


  1. Tag Team Match

Heavy Machinery Vs 2 Local Talents

Heavy Machinery Win


  1. Loser Leaves NXT Match

Kassius Ohno Vs Elias Samson

Kassius ohno Wins Via Discus Elbow


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